Mathematics Book

A Winning Formula for Mathematics Instruction

By Judith Jacobs, 2011
Price: Paperback, $20
BOOKS winning formula for mathematics

A Winning Formula for Mathematics Instruction: Converting Research Into Results presents both research-based and practice-based information on the creation of effective schoolwide or districtwide mathematics education programs. In addition to research-based recommendations, it offers insights on establishing or improving programs based on the author’s many years of experience as a mathematics teacher, mathematics teacher educator, and professional development provider for mathematics education. The book is ideal for professional development at the teacher, school, or district level. Each chapter ends with a series of questions or tasks that are designed to focus the reader’s thinking.

Table of Contents

  • A Context for More Effective Mathematics Education Programs
  • The Mathematics Curriculum of Effective Mathematics Education Programs
  • Teaching Practices for Effective Student Learning
  • Marzano and Mathematics Education
  • Assessment in Effective Mathematics Education Programs
  • School and Community Aspects of Effective Mathematics Education Programs
  • Mathematics Professional Development
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