Accountability Series

Raising the Stakes

Raising the Stakes is an occasional series that explores the push for accountability in public education.

Accountability A New Accountability Player: The Local Newspaper
Many newspapers are using sophisticated computer techniques to delve into educational data.
Lynn Olson, June 17, 1998
10 min read
Accountability Charter Schools Struggle With Accountability
The nation's charter schools are struggling with a range of accountability issues.
Lynn Schnaiberg, June 10, 1998
9 min read
Teaching Profession Peer-Review Programs Catch Hold As Unions, Districts Work Together
Peer-review programs are catching on as a way to evaluate teacher performance.
Ann Bradley, June 3, 1998
10 min read
Accountability In Age of Accountability, Principals Feel the Heat
The demand for higher performance is placing a host of new pressures on principals.
Bess Keller, May 20, 1998
10 min read
Assessment A Question of Value
In trying to judge school performance fairly, some researchers and policymakers are turning to a "value added" approach.
Lynn Olson, May 13, 1998
16 min read
Accountability In Texas, the Arrival of Spring Means the Focus Is on Testing
Texas' state exams are the heart of a comprehensive accountability system.
Robert C. Johnston, April 29, 1998
9 min read
Accountability 'Distinguished Educators' Train Their Focus on Instruction
Kentucky's distinguished educators provide expert help to troubled schools.
Lynn Olson, April 1, 1998
9 min read
Accountability Failing Schools Challenge Accountability Goals
While many states and districts have been able to improve climate and test results in their worst schools, it is not clear whether these gains will last.
Caroline Hendrie & Lynn Olson, March 25, 1998
11 min read
Recruitment & Retention Tenured Principals: An Endangered Species
In an effort to improve accountability, a growing number of states are no longer providig school principals the traditional job protection of tenure.
Caroline Hendrie, March 4, 1998
9 min read
Accountability The Push for Accountability Gathers Steam
Through test scores, performance evaluations, "endorsed" diplomas, and a host of systems that reward success and punish failure, policymakers are demanding results as they seek to assure parents and taxpayers that their children are getting a good education and their money isn't being wasted.
Lynn Olson, February 11, 1998
11 min read