Map: A Wave of State Student-Data-Privacy Legislation

This interactive map gives state-by-state information regarding student data privacy laws in the 2014 legislative year.

Map: A Wave of State Student-Data-Privacy Legislation

Twenty-one states enacted more than two dozen student-data-privacy related laws during recent legislative sessions. Some states, such as Florida, focused on restricting the collection of sensitive student information, including biometric data. Idaho was one of six states to enact a law focusing on improved data governance by public agencies. And California enacted a pair of new laws that proponents describe as the most aggressive attempt to date to balance the promise of digital learning technologies with the need to secure and protect student data.

Click on any state for more information. To learn more about the particular bills, click here. Data provided by the Data Quality Campaign.

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Source: Data Quality Campaign | Design & Visualization: Deanna Del Ciello

A version of this article appeared in the October 08, 2014 edition of Education Week