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Election 2008

Teacher Preparation From Teach For America to Obama’s Camp
Two TFA alums are taking the teacher corps' message to another realm as volunteer advisers to Sen. Barack Obama’s presidential campaign.
David J. Hoff, August 12, 2008
6 min read
Federal Advisers Take Public Roles in Campaigns
Advisers, who may be paid or volunteers, help send signals on the policy directions their candidates would pursue if elected to the White House.
Alyson Klein, August 12, 2008
8 min read
Federal Education Wanes as Campaign Issue, Poll Finds
Voters’ concerns about rising gas prices and the sagging economy trump education as a campaign issue, says a new national poll released today.
Michele McNeil, June 25, 2008
2 min read
Federal 2 New Coalitions Seek Influence on Campaigns
Prominent education researchers say that K-12 schools won’t be able to produce changes in student achievement without the help of programs giving access to health care, preschool, and other services.
David J. Hoff, June 10, 2008
6 min read