Assessment Opinion Testing On Devices Ensures Inequity
In a day and age where the public perception of teachers, schools, and school districts is tied more closely than ever to the results of state tests, we cannot afford unknown variables contributing to the final judgment.
Patrick Larkin, July 29, 2016
1 min read
Assessment Opinion Pencil and Paper Win This Round of PARCC Testing
After watching students in my district participate in online state testing, I'm not surprised to read that students taking paper and pencil tests did better.
Patrick Larkin, February 8, 2016
1 min read
Assessment Opinion The Common Core Journey
Teachers transitioning to the Common Core are all driving on a road that's dark except for the final destination. We have the added burden of building and modifying the car as we drive it, because there is no one curriculum to follow.
Phylis Hoffman, December 8, 2014
3 min read