New! Instant Email Alerts From EdWeek Blogs

We've made it even easier to keep up with the latest education news and Commentary from our comprehensive collection of blogs.

New! Instant Email Alerts From EdWeek's Blogs

Dear Reader,

We’ve made it even easier to keep up with the latest education news and Commentary from our comprehensive collection of blogs.

We have upgraded the email subscription service used by Education Week’s blogs so that readers can get real-time updates about new posts from their favorite bloggers. (If you subscribed previously to a blog via email, you should already be getting these alerts.)

Below is a list of our current blogs (both news and opinion) and links to their individual email-signup forms. You can also access these forms from any blog page by clicking the envelope icon (), which appears in the “Follow This Blog” section. If you have any questions, please email

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News Blogs

Charters & Choice
This blog offers news and analysis about charter schools, and public and private school choice.
Curriculum Matters
This blog provides news and analysis of issues at the core of classroom learning.
Digital Education
This blog explores how technology is shaping teaching and learning and the management of schools.
District Dossier
This blog discusses happenings in districts across the nation and analyzes the trends, controversies, and good ideas in education leadership and management.
Early Years
This blog provides insight, news, and analysis on early-childhood education.
Education and the Media
This blog examines news media coverage of education, as well how schools, teachers, and students are treated in popular culture.
High School & Beyond
This blog explores the forces that shape adolescents' pathways to college and career.
Inside School Research
This blog is a discussion of the politics, personalities, and p-values in education studies.
K-12 Parents and the Public
This blog is about how parents and the community help reshape education policy.
Learning the Language
This blog delves into the educational, political, and social issues surrounding English-language learners in U.S. schools.
Marketplace K-12
This blog explores the education industry, entrepreneurship, and innovative approaches to teaching and learning.
On Air: A Video Blog
Members of the Education Week Video team share the latest video stories on education issues.
On Special Education
This blog tracks news and trends of interest to the special education community, including administrators, teachers, and parents.
Politics K-12
This blog covers federal education policy, tracking and analyzing the moves of Congress, the White House, and the U.S. Department of Education.
Rules for Engagement
This blog explores some of the nonacademic issues that bear on students' learning.
Rural Education
This blog discusses the latest news, trends, and issues facing rural schools and students.
The School Law Blog
This blog is about school-related cases in the U.S. Supreme Court and in lower courts.
Schooled in Sports
This blog provides K-12 sports coverage that reaches far beyond box scores.
State EdWatch
This blog covers state education policy, from new legislation and trends to eye-catching political battles.
Teacher Beat
This blog focuses on the policy and politics that surround legislation, teacher-cotnracts, and the teacher-quality continuum from preparation to evalution.
Teaching Now
Education Week Teacher's take on the latest news, ideas, and resources for teacher leaders. Coverage runs the gamut from the inspirational to the infuriating, from practical classroom tips to raging policy debates, and from "news you can use" to "news of the weird."
Time and Learning
This blog focuses on the race against the clock to prepare students for college and life, and how innovative educators can manipulate time, in and out of school, to maximize learning.

Opinion Blogs

An Edugeek's Guide to K-12 Practice and Policy
Megan M. Allen examines education issues from multiple vantage points, drawing on experience as a teacher, administrator, teacher-educator, and researcher.
The Art of Coaching Teachers
Elena Aguilar offers resources, tips, and suggestions for school instructional coaches and teacher mentors.
Author's Corner by Education Week Press
Education Week Press authors share original research and insight on education.
Education Week's round-up of news, reviews, and interviews from the K-12 book publishing space.
Bridging Differences
Deborah Meier blogs, and debates, with others about what matters most for today's students, educators, and policymakers.
Capturing the Spark: Energizing Teaching and Schools
Veteran English teacher David B. Cohen explores what drives quality teaching and instruction in schools.
Career Corner
Get career advice and K-12 job market insights from members of the American Association for Employment in Education.
Classroom Q&A With Larry Ferlazzo
Award-winning English teacher Larry Ferlazzo addresses readers' questions on instructional practice and student motivation.
Coach G's Teaching Tips
Instructional Coach David Ginsburg provides helpful tips on classroom management and practice.
EdTech Researcher
Justin Reich looks to bridge the gap between ed-tech researchers and educators and analyze how research in the field is influencing K-12 policy and practice.
Education Futures: Emerging Trends and Technologies in K-12
Education professor Matthew Lynch chronicles promising new trends and technologies in the K-12 classroom.
Finding Common Ground
Former elementary school Principal Peter DeWitt writes about the social and emotional health of students.
Full Frame
The photo editors of Education Week use documentary photography and video to focus on those directly affected by education news and policy.
Global Learning
Anthony Jackson explores how school systems at home and abroad are keeping pace with a changing world.
Inspired Instruction: Videos From the Teaching Channel
Featuring videos on classroom management, group work, and teacher collaboration, this partnership with the Teaching Channel offers weekly selections designed to help educators improve instruction.
The Intersection: Culture and Race in Schools
English teacher Christina Torres dissects how race, sex, and culture meet and conflict in the public education system, and how educators can better understand and approach such issues.
The K-12 Contrarian
Everybody wants to fix education. Teacher educator Dave Powell wants to help you figure out whom you should trust and why.
K-12 Talent Manager
Emily Douglas explores effective strategies for recruiting, selecting, developing, and recognizing K-12 professionals.
Leadership 360
Leadership experts in the K-12 field Jill Berkowicz and Ann Myers write about challenges and possibilities for administrators in the 21st century.
Learning Deeply
This group blog, hosted by Jal Mehta and Robert Rothman, examines what it takes to ensure that all students are engaged in a rigorous education that prepares them to succeed as adults.
Learning Forward's PD Watch
The leadership team of Learning Forward explores ideas and trends in teacher professional development.
Making the Case: Key Questions in Education Debates
Harvard Graduate School of Education Dean James E. Ryan identifies some of the key questions at the heart of today's education debates.
On California
Policywriter Charles Taylor Kerchner explores the Golden State's inventive, progressive, and problematic relationship to K-12 education.
OpEducation is a roundtable opinion blog featuring a variety of education thought leaders discussing K-12 issues.
Prove It: Math and Education Policy
High School math teacher John Troutman McCrann writes about his quest to integrate inquiry- and performance-based learning into his instruction, and how these concepts might inform education policy.
Reaching All Students
Teacher-writer Kyle Redford chronicles her discoveries and passions as an educator, with a focus on engaging students across the learning spectrum.
Reinventing K-12 Learning
Assistant Superintendent Patrick Larkin's take on reinventing education through connected learning and the use of digital tools.
Rick Hess Straight Up
Rick Hess of the American Enterprise Institute offers straight talk on policy, politics, research, and reform.
Teacher-Leader Voices
Past and present state teachers of the year weigh in on the most pressing issues in K-12 education.
The Startup Blog: Ed Tech From the Ground Up
Three entrepreneurs chart their efforts to launch and build ed-tech companies and describe the challenges they face in securing funding, finding customers, and growing their businesses.
Teacher in a Strange Land
Award-winning educator Nancy Flanagan offers sharp-eyed perspectives on inconsistencies and inspirations in U.S. schools.
Teaching Ahead: A Roundtable
Selected teacher panelists respond to and discuss key issues in education policy, instructional practice, and the future of teaching.
Top Performers
Marc Tucker examines how leading nations can help guide the U.S. in shaping education policy.
Urban Education: Lessons From New Orleans
Ten years after Hurricane Katrina, Douglas Harris discusses evidence and arguments for and against New Orleans school reforms and the implications for urban schooling nationally.
Vander Ark on Innovation
Tom Vander Ark analyzes the interrelationships between student needs and learning experiences and how schools innovate to meet those needs and improve those experiences, especially through the use of educational technology.
Walt Gardner's Reality Check
Walt Gardner draws on his 28-years as a classroom teacher to look beyond the headlines and weigh in on controversial education issues.
Work in Progress
Journalism teacher Starr Sackstein discusses how to guide students into taking charge of their learning and their writing.