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True Love Always Wins: Why “Gay” Shouldn’t Be an Insult

By Christina Torres — November 18, 2015 1 min read
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Throughout the year, I will be posting pieces written by students about topics regarding race, culture, gender, and sexuality. More about this is written here.

Guest post by Nick N.

Recently I overheard some students from other schools talking about a video game. While they were talking, they kept using the word “gay.” The term “gay” was never intended to be an insult. The term “gay” now means you are attracted or are partners in life with someone from the same gender.

Some people believe being “gay” is a taboo or sinful or illegal, but many people are changing their minds. This year, the United States made it legal for same-gender marriage. I think this is right, but some people are always negative towards change. People discriminate against those who are “gay,” as well as the LGBT community in general. (LGBT is Lesbian, Gay, Bisexuals, and Transgender).

This is unfair to the LGBT community. People bully them, make fun of them, call them names, and even use “gay” as an insult.

I was watching a video on Youtube, and this pranker wanted to see how people treated someone if they looked like he was “gay.” He dressed around New York as a stereotypical “gay” guy and what people did to him was shocking. People called him names, pushed him around, and laughed at him. It was disgusting.

There are people who treat LGBT people like they are inhuman, like they are not welcome in this world. Because of that, some people who are gay become afraid to come out and be themselves. They are scared to tell people that they are “gay” because they might treat other people a different way.

This all needs to end. All of these criticisms and the discrimination needs to stop. We can’t treat someone differently for being in love. We shouldn’t make fun of anyone for being attracted to anyone. True love always wins.

Nick N. is a ninth-grader at University Laboratory School in Honolulu, HI. He is currently studying to become a pilot and swims for Kamehameha Swim Club. In his free time, he likes to surf and take photos.

[CORRECTION: The original version of this post said “some states” had legalized same-sex marriage, but in June 2015 the surpreme court legalized same-sex marriage nationwide.]

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