Student Well-Being Opinion

Education and the Whole Child

Many advocates for children argue that schools need to do more than focus on academics solely—that they must address the “whole child.” This ongoing series offers perspectives on what educating the whole child means in reality, why some feel it’s more important now than ever before, and how schools and other organizations are working together to meet students’ needs outside the classroom.

Steve Braden
Student Well-Being Opinion To Boost Learning, Start With Emotional Health
Some schools are entering into promising partnerships to address students' non-academic needs, Jane Isaacs Lowe writes.
Jane Isaacs Lowe, December 6, 2011
6 min read
Student Well-Being Opinion Catholic Schools and Educating the Whole Child
Public education could learn lessons about looking beyond test scores to teaching the whole child from Catholic schools, Philip V. Robey writes.
Philip V. Robey, October 4, 2011
5 min read