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What are the job placement statistics for my major?

By AAEE — June 09, 2008 1 min read
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A student recently emailed my office asking for job placement statistics for the teacher education majors at our university. I am always at a loss to answer such a broad question because many factors go into what I am sure this student hopes is a simple answer. I once overheard a career services director of a major university answer the job placement statistics question by saying, “We have 100% job placement! All of our students eventually find a job somewhere.”

With that answer in mind I would like to give three main factors in successful job placement. First, is the graduate able to go to the job. If a student is able to go to the job, say for example move to a rural school or an inner city school, there is a much greater chance of finding a job. Second, what is the graduate’s major. Certain majors are much more in demand than others. For example math, science and special education are much more in demand than history, social studies or health. Third, did the student do a good job in student teaching. If student teaching evaluations are mediocre then the student will have a difficult time finding a job. I have yet to hear a principal say, “Send me the resumes of your mediocre teachers.”

With that said, almost every education graduate has been able to find a teaching job IF they are able to relocate to the job, IF they have done well in student teaching, and IF they are willing to teach in subjects that may not be their favorite to teach.

To all teacher education graduates, “Best of luck in your job search!”

Bob Maxfield
BYU-Idaho Teacher Career Services

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