January 22, 1997

Education Week, Vol. 16, Issue 17
Student Well-Being As Some Skate Forward, Others Dodge PE
Dodge ball--the time-honored tradition of physical education that can elicit unflappable enthusiasm or paralyzing dread. Team captains choose up sides, selecting first the best athletes, then reluctantly divvying up the rest: most of the girls, the skinniest or fattest, the uncoordinated.
Kathleen Kennedy Manzo, April 2, 1997
4 min read
Education Opinion Psittacism and Dead Language
Some of you may be unfamiliar with the word "psittacism"--and the related words, "psittacine," "psittaceous," and "psittacosis." I confess that I did not know them until I encountered one in my reading last summer.
Edwin J. Delattre, January 22, 1997
12 min read
Education Opinion Getting More Out of School Construction Dollars
As schools across America burst at the seams with the added enrollment of the so-called baby-boom echo, state and municipal taxpayers are being saddled with growing costs for building new facilities. In some cities, enrollment growth is so rapid that officials can't build schools fast enough.
Octavio J. Visiedo, January 22, 1997
3 min read
Education Opinion Pushing Back for the Center
The movie "Network" gave birth in the late 1970s to that all-purpose American expression, "I'm mad as hell and I'm not going to take it any more."
Eric Schaps, January 22, 1997
6 min read