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Changes to

For almost 25 years we’ve provided breaking news, analysis, and other K-12 resources in the print pages of Education Week, for more than 15 years in the pages of Teacher Magazine, and for the last 10 years on

Even as access to has remained free, we’ve continued to invest in the site. However, the continued success of requires that we begin asking our visitors to help support the site.

Access to certain parts of now require either a print subscription to Education Week or an online-only subscription. Please see below for answers to frequently asked questions about these changes.

To read more detailed explanations by Education Week leadership, and for a chance to respond, please see our new blog, Behind the Scenes.


What premium content will only be accessible to paid subscribers?

The most current issue of Education Week, all archived Education Week articles, all Web-only news coverage, the Daily News, and our Education Counts database.

As a print subscriber to Education Week, how can I gain access to premium content?

All print subscribers will be provided with a claim code that they can use to activate their premium subscription. The claim code can be found on your issue mailing label. You will be asked to provide this as well as your full name to activate your premium access.

If you are an Education Week print subscriber, please click here to claim your free, premium acess now to to unsure uninterrupted service.

What if I share my copy of Education Week with colleagues? Will we all have access to premium content under one print subscription?

The claim code used by individual print subscribers to gain access to can only be used once.

We are offering a variety of subscription options to support continued access to all of We are also offering site licenses for organizations with multiple users, with special rates for colleges/universities. If you would like information on site licenses, please e-mail us.

What will it cost to subscribe if I am not an Education Week subscriber?

You'll have three options:

  • Print + online—This annual subscription is for readers that wish to receive Education Week in print. You will also have full access to $79.94 per year.
  • Online only—This annual subscription is for readers that only want access to $69.94 per year.
  • Online only (monthly)—This provides month-to-month access to $9.94 per month.

Start a subscription today to ensure you have complete access to

If I am not a paid subscriber, will I still be able to access

Some information will remain freely available to registered users of For example, registered users will be able to access the entire Teacher Magazine section of the site and significant portions of the Research Center, including Issues A-Z, the Glossary, and our Organizations list.

Additionally, you will still be able to freely search jobs on Agent K-12 and take advantage of its career news, tools and features.

Registered users will also be able to access two Education Week articles of their choosing each week at no charge. Any Education Week article beyond those two will require a paid subscription.

Register today to make sure you get the latest K-12 news and information from, including Web site updates.

Can I still get the e-newsletters?

Yes. All current subscribers to our e-newsletters, the EdWeek Update and the Teacher Magazine Update, will continue to receive those without interruption.

Register today to subscribe to our e-newletters. If you are already registered, check your e-newsletter settings to be sure you are subscribed.

I often link to Education Week articles on my Web site, or I send links of interest to colleagues. Will I still be able to link to Education Week articles?

We encourage you to continue to bring Education Week articles to the attention of your colleagues or constituents through links. You may want to note, however, that access will require registration and/or a paid subscription. Because registered users will be able to access two Education Week articles per week at no charge, you will still be providing valuable information to those who may not have purchased a subscription.

If you have any other questions about the upcoming changes to, please e-mail us.