Growth Models

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Teaching Opinion The Reparations I Owe: An Exponential Growth Model of Privilege
The experience of thinking about the reparations movement as a White home-owner begged the question: what role did White Privilege play in helping me...? I couldn't answer this question on my own, so I put it to my students.
John T. McCrann, July 13, 2016
6 min read
Education Opinion The Two Faces of Growth Models?
When comparing the growth of a student from last year's test to the one they took this year (and keeping the same cut points) is like taking their time from running the mile on a rubberized track last year and expecting them to run the same time on a steeplechase track with a few water pits thrown in for a mile and a ¼ this year.
Peter DeWitt, September 20, 2012
4 min read
Federal Study Flags Drawbacks in Growth Models for AYP
Researchers find a 'disconnect' between the rhetoric and the data on using academic growth to measure school progress.
Sarah D. Sparks, April 1, 2011
8 min read
Teacher Preparation Growth Model
Long criticized for the short duration of its training, Teach for America invests heavily in the professional growth of its teachers.
Stephen Sawchuk, September 11, 2009
10 min read
Education Growth Models: Not as Simple as They Appear
When experts talk about accountability under NCLB, they agree on one thing: The future lies in growth models. Discussions usually end there, never delving into the complexities of what makes a good growth model, how to design one, or whether they accomplish what NCLB sets out to do.
March 13, 2009
2 min read
Federal Opinion The ‘Growth Model’ Pilot Isn’t What You Think It Is
Michael J. Weiss evaluates the differences between the 'growth model' and the 'value-added model' of measuring school performance.
Michael J. Weiss, June 15, 2008
6 min read
Federal New Uses Explored for ‘Value Added’ Data
Policymakers and researchers met to explore possible new ways of using the sometimes controversial approaches and to debate their pluses and pitfalls.
Debra Viadero, May 28, 2008
6 min read
Federal Opinion Fixing the Flaw in the ‘Growth Model’
Four education advocates offer their advice for improving NCLB’s ‘growth model’ pilot assessment system. The improvements would be a boon, they write, to schools, states, and the federal law itself.
David P. Sokola, Howard M. Weinberg, Robert J. Andrzejewski & Nancy A. Doorey, May 20, 2008
6 min read
Federal Opinion Where’s the ‘Child’ in the No Child Left Behind Debate?
All of the issues being discussed are ultimately peripheral to the individual students and the impact the law has had on them, Rep. Thomas E. Petri writes.
Thomas E. Petri, February 4, 2008
3 min read
Federal Impact Is Slight for Early States Using ‘Growth’
Growth models don’t appear to be making a big difference in the proportion of schools meeting annual goals under the No Child Left Behind Act, a new analysis concludes.
Alyson Klein, December 18, 2007
5 min read
Federal ‘Growth Models’ Gaining in Accountability Debate
As the U.S. Department of Education opens the alternative measuring stick to all states, some educators call for the models to take center stage under a renewed No Child Left Behind Act.
David J. Hoff, December 18, 2007
10 min read
Federal ‘Growth’ Pilot Now Open to All States
U.S. officials say that the first states to use "growth models" have shown it can be done without compromising the accountability goals of the NCLB law.
David J. Hoff, December 7, 2007
4 min read
Education Ed. Dept. Sets High Hurdles to Qualify for Growth Models
Following up on yesterday's post on growth models, here is my story on the Department of Education's announcement and here is a copy of the letter going to state chiefs.
December 7, 2007
2 min read
Education Growth Models for All Who Qualify, Ed. Dept. Says
The U.S. Department of Education is going to send a letter to state school chiefs, inviting them to propose growth models for the latest round of the department's pilot project.
December 6, 2007
1 min read