New Realities: TFA at 25

Teach For America marks its 25th anniversary this year. Conceived in an undergraduate thesis in 1989, the controversial teaching organization now commands a budget of some $300 million and has 40,000 alumni, many of whom have become been influential leaders in K-12 education. But the group has also faced criticism and internal challenges. In this special package, we look at recent changes TFA has embarked on as it enters a new era and the questions they raise about its model, impact, and future course.

At 25, Teach For America Enters Period of Change

Among other new initiatives, the famously protective organization has quietly begun devolving more authority to its 52 regions, some of which are pushing the boundaries of the group's model.
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Outside the Classroom, TFA Leaves Increasingly Complex Political Trail

The organization is putting a greater emphasis on equity and racial issues, even as its bona fides as a social-justice organization are fiercely contested. Read the Story

TFA Tests Waters on Improving Retention

A number of TFA's regions are experimenting with strategies for extending corps members' tenure in teaching beyond two years. Read the Story

Pilot Gives TFA Recruits Pre-Training in Cultural Competency

The Education for Justice program, taken by select TFA candidates during their senior year of college, is based on feedback from principals, parents, and teacher educators. Read the Story


At 25, TFA Bridges Teaching Generations

Teacher Wanda Troutman was a member of Teach For America’s original 1990 corps. Alejandro Diasgranados entered teaching through TFA in 2015. We asked them to talk about their experiences in teaching and the way the organization has changed in 25 years. Watch the Video


25 Years of TFA Growth: A Regional Map

TFA began by placing fewer than 400 teachers in eight cities. Now, it places thousands each year across 52 different regions. View the Map


Teach For America: Growing More Diverse

Chart shows the percentage of incoming Teach for America Corps members by diversity and gender.
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Teach For America by the Numbers

Charts outline year-by-year data on TFA's budget, applicants, corps size, and corps members' two-year completion rates. View the Interactive


Milestones in TFA's 25-Year History

The interactive timeline highlights key turning points in the organization's development. View the Timeline

Vol. 35, Issue 18