What We Know About: Helping Struggling Learners in the Elementary and Middle Grades

Helping students to become active and engaged learners at an early age is key to their success throughout their school years not only to raise test scores but to raise student achievement in a more meaningful way. If school staff work together, making maximum use of the knowledge base about teaching and learning, they will help students become more engaged, independent, and effective learners.

This report demonstrates that helping struggling learners become successful requires more than an emphasis on basic skills. The report addresses topics such as individualizing instruction, effective reading and math instruction for struggling learners, ways to help students develop as more effective learners, student motivation, effective classroom management, and the characteristics of good teaching. Each of these will help educators develop a multifaceted approach to help teachers meet the needs of their struggling learners. 142 pages.

Table of Contents
I. Individualizing Instruction 1
II. Improving Reading Achievement 17
III. Improving Achievement in Mathematics 33
IV. Improving Students' Use of Learning Strategies 51
V. Motivating Reluctant Learners 69
VI. Ensuring Effective Teaching 83
VII. Ensuring Effective Classroom Management 105
VIII. Putting It All Together 115

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