Lance Izumi, Opinion Contributor

Lance Izumi is a Koret senior fellow in education studies and senior director of the Center for Education at the Pacific Research Institute, a free-market think tank. He is the author of the book The Corrupt Classroom (Pacific Research Institute, 2017). He is a regular opinion contributor to where he trades views with Bruce Fuller, on the other side of the political aisle.

May 21, 2018 – Education Week
 The left-wing views of leading teacher protesters may be alienating would-be supporters, writes Lance Izumi of the Pacific Research Institute.

April 4, 2018 – Education Week
 Giving blanket amnesty to young undocumented immigrants would undercut the rule of law, warns conservative commentator Lance Izumi.

November 8, 2017 – Education Week
 U.S. education secretary Betsy DeVos needs to better her relationship with the Right in order to advance her policy agenda, writes Lance Izumi.

October 10, 2017 – Education Week
 Parents should decide the cultural values of the schoolhouse; educators' values should not be foisted on children, writes Lance Izumi.

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