Reform at Five: The Unfinished Agenda

The following stories marked the five-year anniversary of National Commission on Excellence in Education's landmark Nation at Risk report.

The renewed emphasis on school-finance issues has begun to revitalize a research community whose interest in, and funding for, the topic had waned.
April 26, 1989 – Education Week

According to a survey conducted last spring by the National Association of State Boards of Education, most states have put in place some mechanism to foster agency collaboration on issues affecting children and families.
March 15, 1989 – Education Week

As educational "excellence" was the buzzword of the early 1980's, school "restructuring" has quickly become the rallying cry of the current round of education reform.
November 2, 1988 – Education Week

What is ironic, on this fifth anniversary of its release, is not that A Nation At Risk failed to instill its sense of urgency--virtually every state has acted to impose its recommended higher standards--but that a message implicit in its international comparisons has been, until recently, all but ignored.
April 27, 1988 – Education Week

Following is a list of major reports on educational reform in the United States that have been published since the report of the National Commission on Excellence in Education, released five years ago this week.
April 27, 1988 – Education Week

Five years ago, A Nation at Risk shattered complacency about the state of American education with its grim message about mediocrity in the schools.
April 27, 1988 – Education Week

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