School & District Management Online Summit

K-12 Solutions Summit

July 15 and July 29, 2020, 12 to 3 p.m. ET | Free Event
This event occurred on July 29, 2020 3:00 PM EDT and is only accessible to those who originally registered.
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The coronavirus pandemic and the resulting shift to distance learning are prompting many districts to reassess which technology tools and resources will be needed to support students and staff in the 2020-21 school year. Education Week has designed the K-12 Solutions Summit to help district leaders and educators prepare for the coming school year so you can discover best practices and innovative solutions directly from K-12 education product and service providers as well as other district leaders.

During this two-part summit*, you will gain actionable intel to inform decision-making for your students, schools, and district.

* Content will be the same at the July 15 and July 29 events. You can register for one or both events.

How the Coronavirus Is Shaping School Tech Use and Equity

Watch an exclusive, pre-recorded interview with Miami-Dade County Public Schools Superintendent Alberto M. Carvalho on how the district’s “digital convergence” initiative, put in motion before COVID-19, prepared it for the technology and equity challenges of full-time remote learning and how the lessons it has learned can be applied to the reopening of schools nationwide.

Alberto M. Carvalho, Superintendent, Miami-Dade County Public Schools (M-DCPS)

In this interview, we cover:

  • Why district leaders should use this challenging period of time to re-imagine a better K-12 school system for all children
  • The importance of focusing more on effective professional development and quality online resources over digital device purchases
  • Steps educators can take to better understand the needs of students and parents and their communities
  • How schools should take the lessons learned this spring and use them to build better blended learning initiatives for the fall
  • Why this is the most challenging time ever for K-12 public schools

Peer-to-Peer Discussions

The summit will also include chat rooms where district leaders, school leaders, and educators of all stripes can share best practices and seek answers to pressing questions with their peers.

Join your fellow education leaders and K-12 service providers at this summit and gain insights that will help you provide the best outcomes for your students this school year.


Private Chats With K-12 Companies

Attendees will have the opportunity to engage in private, one-on-one chats with K-12 vendors to:

  • Discover new resources for students that could improve teaching and instruction
  • Learn how to better integrate products that districts have already purchased
  • Find new strategies to prepare for the upcoming school year
  • Gather information about new tools and technologies that can be shared with district and school leaders to inform buying decisions


Addressing Student Engagement and Performance with AI

Technology is becoming a more prevalent and relevant tool in education today. However, it can be difficult to say whether or not students’ academic progress improves from the use of tech—particularly tablets. Osmo for Schools provides not only the technology that provides tangible practice on core skills such as math and reading, but also its unique design engages students in those core skills longer, which leads to improvement in those skills. Join us to learn more about Osmo for Schools’ impact on student engagement and performance.


Incorporating Social-Emotional Learning into Back-to-School Planning

For many educators preparing for back-to-school in today’s context, social-emotional learning (SEL) will be integral to student success. As a leader in research-backed and validated social-emotional learning surveys aligned to the CASEL framework, Panorama helps educators support each student’s SEL—the critical skills and mindsets that enable success in school and in life—with a research-backed survey, actionable data reports, and a playbook of recommended SEL strategies. With Panorama, strengthen your universal Tier 1 supports for social-emotional learning, engage in universal screening for SEL, and build SEL into tiered intervention strategies. Download Panorama’s social-emotional learning survey, wellbeing survey, equity and inclusion survey, and new school reopening survey, plus chat with our team about creating a safe, supportive, and nurturing learning environment for school reopening and learning recovery.


Prepare Your Back-to-School Plan With the Illuminate Solution

Illuminate Education provides a streamlined solution to prevent learning loss and accelerate learning for each and every student. By combining comprehensive assessment, MTSS management, and real-time dashboards, the Illuminate Solution equips educators to prevent learning loss and make expedited, data-informed decisions around whole child needs—whether in a remote, onsite, or blended learning environment. Download your 2020 Back-to-School Toolkit, and chat with our team about strategies for supporting each student’s social-emotional, behavioral, and academic needs next year.


The Power of Accurate Data: How Educators Can Measure and Close Student Learning Gaps

A rapid response to student learning needs will require educators and leaders alike to have access to accurate assessment data—regardless of the instructional environment—and the skills to efficiently use data to close learning gaps. Join us for a conversation about your specific assessment and professional learning plans. Together, we’ll explore how you can prepare your educators with the training and tools they’ll need to translate assessment data into action.


Intervention, Assessment and Professional Development

At Voyager Sopris Learning®, we help struggling learners achieve success while providing teachers with the best solutions, resources, and professional development to maximize their impact on student success. We also help teachers unlock the limitless potential of every student. Let’s talk about the ways we can help your educators and students by: Deepening teacher knowledge through the science of reading; building essential foundational skills; supporting struggling learners; offering evidence-based interventions; and using flexible, blended-learning models.


Student Mental Health Assistance

Student Assistance Programs provides mental health services for students and support for school districts. We operate 24-hours/365-days with crisis intervention, problem assessment, and private local counseling for core emotional issues. Licensed clinicians respond live to calls, offer in-the-moment care, and schedule counseling appointments. We are an “always open” mental health center—operating when students are in school and out. Low annual fees per student allow districts to support students and their families whenever and wherever—with our firm assuming risk for services we deliver. Chat with our representatives about our products and find downloadable resources for you to use this fall.


Travel-Free Professional Development: Results-Driven Virtual PD for Educators

Solution Tree is committed to providing educators like you with the high-quality professional development you expect. So even when speaker-led training isn’t possible in person, you can rely on us to continue to deliver dynamic learning directly to your favorite devices—your desktop, laptop, tablet, and smartphone. Come chat with us to learn more about our travel-free PD options.


Customized Virtual Prep Solutions, PD, & Assessments

Founded by educators in 2001, Academic Approach combines data-focused, standards-based analysis with research-driven curriculum and online software to help students succeed. At this event, let’s chat about how district leaders and education decision-makers are using Academic Approach’s customized test prep solutions and how we can support you in elevating classroom learning and raise student achievement on the SAT/ACT.


Bringing All Stakeholders Together for Effective Distance & Hybrid Learning

Edmodo is an all-in-one solution for distance and hybrid learning, and the only learning platform that brings all stakeholders together to support learning anywhere it happens. Edmodo gives educators the tools to share engaging lessons, keep parents updated, connect with other educators, and build a vibrant classroom community. Edmodo is CARES Act eligible, and we can help your district apply for funding. Chat with our team to get support and resources for navigating this challenging time—we’re here to help!


Build Confidence in Remote Teaching and Learning

No matter where you are on the journey to implement your hybrid or distance learning plan, Microsoft Education enables schools to continue building communities of learners while also achieving student outcome goals. Join Microsoft experts to learn how educators, district leaders, and administrators are using Microsoft Education Tools to seamlessly collaborate, monitor progress, provide individualized feedback, and engage with students and colleagues.

* Content will be the same at the July 15 and July 29 events. You can register for one or both events.


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