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Education Opinion

Curmudgucation Digest (May 10)

By Peter Greene — May 10, 2015 1 min read
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Teacher week, charter school week, and the continued push for the Big Standardized Test. Happy Mother’s Day!

Do Charters Create Pressure for Excellence

My reformy buddy Charles Sahm argues that charters create market pressure for excellence. I explain why he’s wrong.

Charter Assumptions

Charter marketing depends on a public that assumes that anything called a school must have certain characteristics. You know what happens when you assume. That’s right-- charter operators get rich.

Fishman: Rural Doom and Gloom

At Education Next, Mr. Fishman goes to the country and is unencouraged by what he finds.

Silicon Valley’s Miracle School

A Silicon Valley miracle artisan micro-school was all over the news for fifteen minutes this week. Great for rich folks.

Who Has Been Saved?

Test boosters keep claiming we must have the data so we can save the children and the schools. We’ve been doing this for over a decade-- exactly who has been saved?

Teachers Policing Teachers

It’s an old complaint-- why don’t teachers police their own ranks. Here’s my response.

Mississippi Reader

When states make dopey policies about flunking eight-year-olds for reading issues, this is what I imagine they think is going on in Third Grade minds.

The Narrow Path

It was graduation project day at my school, and that always reminds me that education must avoid the narrow path.

Leave Those Kids Alone

Once again-- direct academic instruction of small children is counter-productive.

CNBC: Gates Needs a Burger

Gates, Buffet and Munger sat down on CNBC and explained what they would do if they were educatio czar. Only one of them managed to say something that wasn’t foolish.

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