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Edwards for Obama: What It Might Mean for Education

By Alyson Klein — May 14, 2008 1 min read
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From contributing blogger Alyson Klein:

So the big news is that former Sen. John Edwards of North Carolina, the one-time Democratic presidential candidate, is expected to endorse Sen. Barack Obama of Illinois for president tonight. In terms of the nomination, this might mean that Edwards’ 60-some delegates will go to Obama - a seemingly small number, compared to the 2,026 needed to win the nomination, but every little bit counts in this close Democratic contest.

It might mean that some of the anti-poverty programs that Edwards supported will become part of Obama’s platform. That included a number of education programs, such as raising pay by up to $15,000 annually for teachers in high-poverty schools. And it wouldn’t surprise me (or anyone) if Edwards were offered a role in Obama’s cabinet. According to the Times article, he’s interested in attorney general (or even vice-president).

But, if that doesn’t pan out... Edwards’ passion for workers’ and health issues would suggest Secretary of Labor (where he’d oversee JobCorps, a vocational training program aimed at 16 to 24 year olds) or Secretary of Health and Human Services (where he’d oversee Head Start). long as I’m speculating on cabinet positions...I should mention that Edwards’ had some pretty fiery anti-No Child Left Behind Act rhetoric on the campaign trail, even suggesting “ditching” the law at one point. As far as I’m aware, he’s never expressed interest in becoming Secretary of Education. But you never know...