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Chat: One District's Journey Into Personalized Learning

Schools across the country are taking the maker movement into the mainstream. But can the K-12 world maintain the do-it-yourself, only-if-you-want-to ethos that fueled making's popularity in the first place?

One District’s Journey Into Personalized Learning

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Tuesday, November 1, 2016, 2 to 3 p.m. ET

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Live Blog Chat: One District’s Journey Into Personalized Learning

Many K-12 systems around the country are implementing or experimenting with efforts to create “personalized learning.” But for any district, choosing the right strategy is not easy.

In this chat, two administrators from the Henry County, Ga., school system, talk about how they are trying to create a personalized model that emphasizes student agency and school autonomy—rather than putting technology at the center of their efforts. They also talk about missteps and lessons learned along the way.

Karen Perry, special projects coordinator, Henry County Schools, Ga.
Aaryn Schmuhl, assistant superintendent, leadership services, Henry County Schools, Ga.

Sean Cavanagh, associate editor, Education Week

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