Behind the Back Page

Ahead of the deadline for each print issue, Education Week editors choose an essay for the newspaper’s coveted back page. The associate art director (with some input from the editors) then chooses an artist whose style best reflects the tone of the op-ed.

An artist will often send more than one sketch back for review. Sometimes, the sketches require tweaking; sometimes, they hit the target immediately.

In this instance, artist Jori Bolton produced three sketches, all centered on Walter Mischel’s famous marshmallow experiment — the focus of Alfie Kohn’s Sept. 9, 2014, Commentary.

Here are the three sketches that Mr. Bolton sent our way:


The decision was clear cut for Mr. Kohn’s essay. The editors selected the third option, which they felt best conveyed Mr. Kohn’s rethinking of the popular interpretations of the classic study.


What do you think? Revisit “The Deferred Gratification Myth” and vote on which sketch you would have chosen: