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Materials may be downloaded or photocopied for personal non-commercial use only. In the event of such use, all copyright and other notices and clear attribution to Education Week or Teacher Magazine must be maintained.

For All Other Uses:

Other uses, such as reprinting, republishing, reposting or any further redistribution require written permission from Editorial Projects in Education. Please contact the EPE library.

EPE Library
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If you wish to order bulk reprints, or purchase a license to post Education Week content on another website, please contact The Reprint Outsource for details:

Betsy White
The Reprint Outsource
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You may also contact the Copyright Clearance Center (CCC) which provides options for photocopying for business use, sharing content electronically (via intranets) or republishing content in other products. CCC also handles requests for permission to include EPE content in course packs and for other academic purposes.

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