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When you enter search terms, the search engine assumes there is an AND between each term, meaning it will return articles that contain all of the words that appear anywhere in the article (though not necessarily together). However, if you enclose your search terms in quotation marks, the search engine will search for that exact phrase. The default search setting will return results based on relevance — that is, the top articles will be those that contain multiple occurrences of all of your search terms.

Search includes the following sources by default:

To search other sections of use these specialized search tools:

Advanced Search provides a more detailed search form that allows you to specify the date range and which sources you would like to search.
More Options at the bottom of the advanced search box, allows you to further narrow your search using these limiters:

  • Exact phrase
  • At least one of the words
  • Without the words
  • Where the words occur
  • Proximity

Example search queries for basic search
If you enter: Results will include:
"advanced placement" Will return only articles containing the exact phrase "advanced placement."
advanced placement Will return articles that contain both the word "advanced" AND the word "placement," though not necessarily as a phrase.(Note there is no need to include a plus (+) sign.)
"test scores" -college Will return articles that contain the phrase "test scores" but do not mention the word "college" (Note: The minus sign must be directly before the term—no space.)

Example search queries for either advanced or basic search
If you enter: Results will include:
reauthoriz* Placing an asterisk (*) before or after a word will return articles containing words with that root word in it. For instance, this search would return articles containing the words "reauthorization" and "reauthorize."
~drink If you want to search not only for your search term but also for its synonyms, place the tilde sign (~) immediately in front of your search term. For example, ~drink, will return articles about "drinks," "beverages," etc. Anything that is a synonym of your search term.

If you need additional help searching, please contact the library at