Fall 2007

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Vol. 01, Issue 01
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Welcome to the first issue of the Teacher Professional Development Sourcebook, a guide to ideas and resources on teacher learning.
Author Anne Jolly sees collaborative work among teachers as the future of professional development.
Teacher Leaders discuss the value of teacher-led professional development.
How learning teams help teachers custom-fit professional development.
Professional learning communities must be designed and implemented strategically.
Using teacher research to take ownership of your professional growth.
Teachers and researchers have common perspectives on what works in professional development.
Notable research studies and articles for use in planning, evaluating, and implementing teacher-learning efforts.
Key Web sites for educators seeking to energize and deepen school professional development initiatives or research instructional-improvement ideas.
A selection of professional development-related books published within the past year.
Statistical snapshots of current trends and practices in professional development.
A selection of education workshops, seminars, and conferences from November 2007 through April 2008.

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