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Governor:Jay Inslee
Superintendent of Public Instruction:Chris Reykdal
Quality Counts state grade:C
Pre-K-12 enrollment:1,073,638
Number of school districts:322
Number of public schools:2,428
Number of public school teachers:59,555
Unadjusted education spending per student:$10,202
Percent minority students:42.8%
Percent of students eligible for free/reduced price lunch:45.9%
Percent of students with disabilities:12.4%
Percent of English-language learners:10.0%
NAEP Mathematics 2015 percent proficient
4th grade math:42.4%
8th grade math:40.0%
NAEP Reading 2015 percent proficient
4th grade reading:35.1%
8th grade reading:41.6%

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The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation is retooling its precollegiate approach and launching a push to double college-completion rates.
November 19, 2008 – Education Week
The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation is already getting feedback on its newly announced plans to retool its education grantmaking.
November 12, 2008 – Education Week
Despite heightened interest in presidential politics this election year, “down ballot” races such as the state chiefs’ contests in Indiana, Montana, North Carolina, North Dakota, and Washington still won’t get much attention.
September 24, 2008 – Education Week
Voters will decide some notable education- and child-related questions when they go to the polls next month.
October 31, 2007 – Education Week
Many educators are recommitting themselves to strive for racial diversity in K-12 education, but the court's decision has left them speculating about which tactics will withstand legal challenges.
July 18, 2007 | Updated: February 22, 2019 – Education Week
The recent Supreme Court decision limiting race-based school assignments means districts must consider whether to try alternative means to keep schools integrated.
June 28, 2007 – Education Week (Web)
Critics say the school board has failed to address critical issues, including closing underenrolled schools.
February 2, 2007 – Education Week
The U.S. Supreme Court is contemplating a case that tests the constitutionality of a Washington state law that requires nonunion teachers to “affirmatively consent,” or opt in, before a teachers’ union may spend money from “agency fees” on political campaigns and similar activism.
January 17, 2007 – Education Week
Thirteen Western states that are home to more than 93 percent of the nation’s federally owned land have formed a coalition to lobby Washington for an annual $4 billion in lost local and state property-tax revenues on the federal land, nearly $1.9 billion of which would have gone to pay for public education.
December 13, 2006 – Education Week
The U.S. Supreme Court today heard oral arguments in two cases that challenge the constitutionality of school districts’ use of race-conscious plans to assign their students to schools.
December 4, 2006 – Education Week (Web)

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