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Governor:Doug Ducey
Superintendent of Public Instruction:Kathy Hoffman
Quality Counts state grade:D+
Pre-K-12 enrollment:1,111,695
Number of school districts:715
Number of public schools:2,416
Number of public school teachers:48,124
Unadjusted education spending per student:$7,528
Percent minority students:60.0%
Percent of students eligible for free/reduced price lunch:38.9%
Percent of students with disabilities:11.8%
Percent of English-language learners:6.1%
NAEP Mathematics 2015 percent proficient
4th grade math:33.9%
8th grade math:33.5%
NAEP Reading 2015 percent proficient
4th grade reading:30.4%
8th grade reading:30.5%

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Education officials are giving school districts some room to diverge from a mandate that all English-language learners be taught specific English skills in classrooms separate from other students for four hours a day.
September 3, 2008 – Education Week
Backers of digital curricula seek to keep momentum on an effort they see as crucial to business development, workforce improvement and research.
June 11, 2008 – Education Week
One education issue—high school graduation requirements—may best illustrate the successes of Arizona’s P-20 council and the obstacles that this high-powered panel faces in trying to bridge the gap between the state’s precollegiate and higher education systems.
June 5, 2008 – Education Week
Some Arizona school administrators are unhappy about the formula being used to distribute an extra $40.6 million for English-language learners in the state.
May 7, 2008 – Education Week
Lawmakers are considering appealing the ruling to the full 9th Circuit court or to the U.S. Supreme Court.
March 5, 2008 – Education Week
States are dealing with complications over funding, resistance from residents, and criticism that the plans may not save as much money as promised.
October 24, 2007 – Education Week
The plaintiffs say that the state education agency lacks authority to demand curricular alignment.
July 5, 2007 – Education Week
A pair of programs in Mesa, Ariz., blend mathematics with flight simulators, aeronautics, and even mock space-shuttle missions.
June 20, 2007 – Education Week
A rigorous Navajo-immersion program draws on both tradition and modern accountability tools to improve student achievement.
March 21, 2007 – Education Week
Thirteen Western states that are home to more than 93 percent of the nation’s federally owned land have formed a coalition to lobby Washington for an annual $4 billion in lost local and state property-tax revenues on the federal land, nearly $1.9 billion of which would have gone to pay for public education.
December 13, 2006 – Education Week

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