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6 Districts Invested in Principals and Saw Dramatic Gains. Dozens More Will Try to Do the Same

Reading and math scores rose dramatically in districts that focused heavily on improving the ranks of principals. Now an effort is under way to replicate that success in nearly 100 other school districts around the country. (February 11, 2020)

Leaders to Learn From

Education Week Leaders To Learn From
In this annual report, Education Week's Leaders To Learn From spotlights district-level leaders from across the country who seized on creative but practical approaches to improving their school systems and put those ideas to work.


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Education Week Quizzes

Quiz Yourself: Principal Leadership
How are states regulating principal-preparation programs, what does ESSA say about training school leadership, and how do “niche” principal-training programs aim to train more-effective school leaders?

Quiz Yourself: How Much Do You Know About School Finance?
What is the relationship between school demographics and school budget, how can districts allocate new funding, and how outdated are school funding formulas?


Special Report: Managing the Money
This Education Week special report puts the focus on what those on the hot seat—superintendents, principals, and other local leaders—actually do with the funding they get and what stands in the way of their making better use of it.

Principals Under Pressure
Principals have the hardest job in schools. They must answer to the central office, be responsive to parents, support and coach their teachers, and build relationships with students. How can one person do all of this well and keep a healthy work-life balance?

Technology Counts 2018
This year’s report takes a hard look at what principals are thinking and doing about some of the most vexing technology issues in their schools.

Inside the Principal-Teacher Relationship
Education Week talked to dozens of principals about strategies for building strong partnerships with teachers and heard from many teachers about what they need most from school leaders.


From Teacher to Principal: A Look at the Typical Pathway
The career path to the principalship has been a fairly rigid one until recently.

State Superintendent Salaries: How Much Do They Make?
State superintendents in recent years have been given increased responsibilities, but in many cases their salaries have not kept pace. That's had implications for recruitment and retention.

We Asked About School Finance. What Did Districts Say?
To learn more about what those on the front lines of managing school finance think of the challenges they face, the Education Week Research Center in August fielded an online survey to a nationally representative sample of school principals and district-level administrators.

District Dossier Blog

05/20 04:26 pm | 10 Ways to Make the Final Days of Virtual School Fun | A principal shares the Zoom-based activities that she and her teachers dreamed up to replace the typical end-of-school-year fun.


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Closing American schools earlier and for a longer period of time blunted the impact of the Spanish Flu in 1918, according to researchers. But in 2020, shuttering schools for a prolonged period to prevent spread of COVID-19 would also bring steep costs to communities.
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The four finalists for National Teacher of the Year say their fellow teachers are sharing their stories and their students' stories more than ever, and it's time for policymakers to listen.
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