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Homeschooling: Requirements, Research, and Who Does It

There are nearly 2 million homeschooled students in the United States, making homeschooling a small, but integral part of the K-12 education ecosystem. (January 10, 2018)

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Who Are the Nation's Homeschoolers?
The biggest portion of the country’s homeschool students—about 39 percent of them—are from suburban communities, according to national data.

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Home Schooling in America: Why Families Teach at Home
Nearly 2 million students are home schooled in the United States, according to federal data. In this Education Week video series, meet four families who talk about how they home school and why.

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The National Black Home Educators Resource Association held its fourth annual symposium July 29-30 in Baton Rouge, La., hoping to expand the number of black families supportive of home schooling.
August 1, 2005 – Education Week (Web)
Law professor Rosemary Salomone believes that legal battles between states and religious parents over home-schooling can lose sight of the best interests of the child.
October 20, 2004 – Education Week
Gov. Mark R. Warner of Virginia has several weeks to decide if he will sign a bill that would make it easier for parents in the state with only a high school diploma to home school their children.
May 5, 2004 – Education Week
Colleges and universities have come a long way in overcoming their suspicions of home schoolers' ability to cope with college life, and they are readily admitting students who have received nontraditional educations.
September 10, 2003 – Education Week
Though often met with scepticism and scrutiny, home schooling is a true educational success story, claims Jean C. Halle.
November 13, 2002 – Education Week
Parents who choose to home school their children have a wide choice of educational materials and services targeted just at them, as curriculum providers take note of home schooling's growing popularity.
June 5, 2002 – Education Week
In the federal government's most comprehensive study to date of the nation's home-schooling population, a survey released last week shows that 850,000 children—1.7 percent of the school-age population—are being taught primarily at home.
August 8, 2001 – Education Week
The U.S. Supreme Court declined last week to hear the appeal of a Nevada couple in a case raising the question of whether home-schooled children with disabilities are entitled to special education services from their local school districts.
April 25, 2001 – Education Week
Education reformers rushing to create new forms of schooling may be overlooking a treasure trove of experience and data that could bolster their efforts to improve education.
April 3, 1996 – Education Week
At a time when large numbers of mothers are joining the workforce and pressing state governments to provide child-care services, as many as 100,000 other mothers--and fathers--are choosing in an alternative movement to make the education of their own children a full-time career in the home.
September 14, 1988 – Education Week

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