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January/February 2007

Professional Development
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Vol. 18, Issue 04

Professional development doesn't have to be a snore.

Why more American students are learning Chinese.

For good or ill, merit pay is gaining ground nationwide.

What comedian and actor Bill Cosby thinks of teachers.

Researchers recently turned up a tantalizing clue on what can be done to raise minority students' achievement levels.

Teachers speak out on health and safety concerns in deteriorating public schools.

A debate on the benefits of single-sex education.

Efforts to balance academics with yoga and old-fashioned play.

How to turn those holiday gift cards into cold, hard cash.

Professional development—the good, the bad, and the ugly.

Caught on tape: vociferous attempts at national certification.

Tools of the Trade

Traditional professional development has its place, but some of the best teachers learn better by doing.

From watching 'Iron Science Teacher,' you'd think classroom experiments were a spectator sport. And you'd be right.

To find out where your students are coming from, it helps to know the history of immigration.

Online vs. face-to-face professional development—which works best?

Best Practices

Ask the Mentor
An education field coach answers new teachers' questions on professional development issues.

Book Reviews

Classroom Tech
You've heard of Murphy's Law. How about Murphy's Lab?

How to write that novel you've always wanted to write—in 30 days.

First Person
Parents who don't get involved aren't always apathetic.

Personalized, not standardized, assessments are the way to go.

A PE teacher makes use of Alaska's snowy, subzero climate.


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Lights! Camera! Learning!
Iron science teachers make class experiments a spectator sport.
Bill Cosby on Teachers
Bill Cosby
—Photo by Erinn
Bill Cosby talks about what teachers need to do better.
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