November 20, 2018
October 2006

Technology Issue
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Vol. 18, Issue 02

If there were any lingering doubts that the Information Age is upon us, a quick look through the pages of this Technology Issue will crunch them into silicon dust.

Free helicopter flights draw educators into a military recruitment drive.

"P-16" pioneers hope to smooth the way to college and beyond.

For some teachers, election season is a chance to live by what they teach.

Highlights from this election season's education debates.

Advice on dealing with difficult parents.

There's more than one way to keep kids focused.

Schools tap into the talent rooted in their own neighborhoods.

Why comic books and graphic novels are engaging literary tools.

Results from our recent online polls on education technology issues.

Readers explain how they use technology in their classrooms.

Communicating, planning, and organizing via the Web.

Tools of the Trade

Will Richardson, a high school English teacher turned edu-tech consultant, wants to share the good news about blogs, wikis, and podcasts. They could, he believes, change your life.

The hotbed of technological invention that is the Massachusetts Institute of Technology Media Lab is also proving to be a fertile incubator of educator imagination.

Former teacher and global wanderer Paul Edelman never found the path to professional happiness. So he created his own: a Web site for educators to buy and sell their course materials online.

Useful data at teachers' fingertips and the states of tech training.

Best Practices

Ask the Mentor
An award-winning edu-tech expert answers reader questions.

Book Reviews

Classroom Tech
Why searching the Web demands an educational guide.

Distance Learning
For great professional development, tap your colleagues.

How some districts are helping their employees afford housing.

First Person
In Japan, an American educator learns the meaning of responsibility.

No, Madame Secretary, NCLB is not close to perfect.

Sam Dyson's students forge linguistic connections to a distant land.


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Kindergarten 2.0
The MIT Learning Lab feeds educator imagination.
Asian studies
In Japan, an American educator learns the meaning of responsibility.
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