January/February 2004

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Another skirmish in the culture wars reaches schools.
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Some student athletes no longer think high school sports offer the best shot at grabbing a scholarship or a recruiter's eye.

Trash Talking

Outraged parents of special education students at Heritage High School in Vancouver, Washington, are causing a stink over the unpaid janitorial tasks their kids performed for a work skills class this past year. The students collected trash and sorted recyclables, often while other kids teased them, according to the Associated Press. Unrepentant school officials claim that custodial work is a common career for people with disabilities and say they may assign the tasks again.
An online school raises questions about public funding.
Ben Coccio, director of the feature film Zero Day, advocates opening school doors to dissipate the self-absorption that leads to violence.
By day, Caitlin Heidemann is a typical 17-year-old high school senior. By night, she's a school board member with full voting rights on issues ranging from curricula to teachers' salaries.
Teachers at New York City's Aviation High School give students a firsthand look at their careers.
With a clipboard at his side, Harlem chemistry teacher Timothy Hearn metes out merits and demerits as part of a behavior system that keeps his students on task.
In a class with no walls, a teacher has an epiphany about the importance of detail in writing.
Following are application deadlines for awards, honors, and contests available to teachers.
Special-needs students face uphill battles everywhere.
Subs are well-advised to learn patienceā€”and some German.
Learning as craftmanship, the erosion of school authority, and middle-school muddles.
A school reaches problem kids without drugs or labels.
Joyce Carol Oates explores a family in crisis; plus, the Polish ghetto, Irish immigration, and puppy love.
Following are application deadlines for grants and fellowships available to individuals and schools. Asterisks (*) denote new entries.
Following are application deadlines for awards, honors, and contests available to teachers. Asterisks (*) denote new entries.
Following are dates for workshops, conferences, and other professional development opportunities for teachers. Some events may include administrators, policymakers, parents, and others. The list is organized by region, though some events are national meetings. Registration deadlines may close before the date of the event. Asterisks (*) denote new entries.
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Following are application dates for student contests, scholarships, and internships. Asterisks (*) denote new entries.
A saucy calendar has some Oregon men, aged 40-70, posing to raise money for the local school district.
One teacher makes sewing a profitable exercise.