November/December 2003

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Today's students deserve an educational system that accomodates their diverse needs and talents.
  • A Separate Peace
  • Snow Job
  • Coach Class
Project 540 puts a new spin on student activism by helping teens promote school reform. But change is tough.
Multigrade classrooms are falling out of favor.
New gee-whiz gizmos could someday replace chalk and paper.
Activists for the hearing impaired give voice to the idea that signing is part of a distinctive language and culture.
Twenty-six years ago, Jack Yates began his career in education as a janitor. Today, he's an elementary school principal.
Frustrated by decades of strife and separation, Protestant and Catholic parents in Northern Ireland found a different path to peace by starting a new school open to all.
Set in corrugated metal and concrete, two schools on opposite sides of the country represent architectural flights of fancy.
At a time when arts classes are underfunded and underappreciated, the Broadway Teaching Lab reminds drama educators of the importance of being earnest.
Leisure reading is tough sell to today's students.
A teacher questions how well a standardized test can measure his kids.
Technologies false promises, and deconstructing Harry Potter.
An experienced mother of a former teen-drug addict writes on America's teenage drug epidemic.
A french boy who becomes a wolf; a fictional take on patriot Patrick Henry; a young girl's father goes off to war; and a cat teaches a seagull how to fly.
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It's hard to get more hands-on than Cathy Camargo's Emergency Medical Technicians class at Bernalillo High School.