August/September 2002

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Vol. 14, Issue 01

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So much education research, so little effect on schools.
  • Ink's Swell
  • Affront and Censor
  • Shock Value
  • Playing With Fire
  • School Fuel
  • Youth Decay
  • Get the Picture?
  • Homework Exercise
Even after his death, teacher turned soldier Marc Anderson found a way to support a favorite student.
Educators take action against indoor pollution.
Talk about a whole new ballgame: Bowling, Fencing, Riflery, and Lacrosse are just some of the new sports on the high school block.
Hundreds of preschoolers conduct experiments in a Chicago effort to get science skills bubbling early.
Students at one high school make an extra effort to start college ahead of time.
Sure, jazz smokes with improvised riffs and danceable rhythms, says Wynton Marsalis. But as his new curriculum and an annual competition show, it's also jampacked with lessons on patience, respect, and democracy.
How a teacher's unconventional experiment—and presence—unexpectedly altered a teenager's life.
After three tries, Deborah Lynch won the presidency of the Chicago Teachers' Union. But her battle has just begun.
As New Yorkers battled over the Regents exams this past spring, the author and a few friends hit the streets to get it all on film.
Want magical moments? Let kids lead, says one teacher.
Starting a charter school, a student's diaries, and single-sex ed.
In 1994, Deborah Meier, the venerable educator, author, and founder of the Central Park East School in East Harlem, retired from teaching in New York City public schools. But her respite was short-lived. As she recounts in a new book, In Schools We Trust: Creating Communities of Learning in an Era of Testing and Standardization (Beacon), Meier was driving to Boston in 1996 when she began entertaining the thought of starting an elementary school in that city. A year later, at age 65, she launched the Mission Hill School, which she has since operated within the Boston Public Schools.
Daisy Comes Home. Also, Classic Nursery Rhymes and the Real Stories Behind Them, and other Noteworthy books.