May/June 2002

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Vol. 13, Issue 08

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Portfolios, not tests, accurately reflect students.
Students take to the boards in a Dallas chess program designed to improve their critical-thinking skills and academic performance.
Graduates look back with futuristic yearbooks.
From crisis kits to a bus-tracking system, schools invest in security.
In Atlanta, one arts organization uses puppets to promote learning, no strings attached.
After intensive teacher training, a sportswriter swaps batting statistics for grading papers.
Since September 11, educators, students, and parents at the Washington Islamic Academy have faced prejudice against their religion and feared for their safety. Still, they believe in the country they call home.
Mix media literacy with an anti-smoking crusade, and you get an elementary ed program in Florida that has students battling the tobacco industry with marketing tools of their own.
While many "teen" publications claim to speak for their readers, this one lets readers speak for themselves. Teen Ink magazine has printed the works of 25,000 students nationwide.
Lunchroom politics, rowdy kids, Marc Antony's speech—one veteran remembers it all as if it were yesterday.
A professor who noticed the little things inspired one student to become a teacher.
Special ed kids at space camp and black girls who beat the odds.
How can educators avoid burnout? With lots of heart.
Olivia Saves the Circus. Also, lessons about cheating, and other Noteworthy books.