April 2002

This Issue
Vol. 13, Issue 07

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Here's a plan for requiring more than good grades to graduate.
  • Picture This
  • Forget Homework
  • Diversity Divide
  • Linguistic Lessons
  • R-E-S-P-E-C-T
  • Apathy Busters
  • Color Film
Cincinnati teachers weigh the merits of performance pay.
Despite 9/11, college application essays focus on familiar themes.
Top educator Michele Forman is awed by the country's diversity.
A growing program offers athletes positive alternatives to potentially dangerous drugs.
Teachers must inject their true selves into their craft, says Maxine Greene. And for 60-plus years, that's what she's done.
It was OK when Michael Flynn, an unconventional 5th grade teacher, took his students to a graveyard. The trouble began after he wrote a holiday play featuring terrorists.
At California's Kennedy High, low-income city kids are breaking away from failure to recognize their hidden talents. How? By joining the debate team.
An English teacher takes on geology class by suggesting that every rock tells a story. Along the way, he unearths his motives for returning to the classroom.
How toy guns and swords can help kids make sense of the world.
The high price of going high-tech. Also: Lessons from Buddhism.
Refugee children come to U.S. schools with bundles of needs.
A twist on the typical coming-of-age story. Plus, dinasours, burgers, hot dogs and more.