March 2002

This Issue
Vol. 13, Issue 06

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No homework! After-school study is a waste, so let's forget it.
  • Keep It Up
  • Rights And Wrong
  • Literary Censure
  • Venting
  • Lackluster Lessons
  • In Lock Step
A California law urges schools to do their part for the planet.
Grant writing exacts a price from educator, a researcher argues.
Ads starring teachers promote products—and sterotypes.
When girls face off against boys on the mat, they also must tangle with critics who say they're not serious and not welcome.
Young People's Project leaders jump through hoops—and play other games—to make math fun.
In response to a school shooting, Playwright William Mastrosimone stayed up all night to write Bang Bang You're Dead. Performed thousands of time by students, it's now the basis of a movie. Mastrosimone's message: Only kids can stop the killing.
Old photographs tell nostalgic tales about the history of American schooling. But a closer look reveals some disturbing details.
Kids lose as the history term paper becomes a thing of the past.
Read his lips: A teacher insists politicians study key essays.
The threat of mediocrity. Also, a 100-year-old progressive school.
What's a great educator worth? $100,000, claims Brian Crosby.
A boy coaxes music from his violin. Plus, a silenced waterfall...and more.
Following are application deadlines for awards, honors, and contests available to teachers. Asterisks (*)denote new entries.