January 2002

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Vol. 13, Issue 04

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If smaller is better, why do we keep building big schools.
  • Still Recovering
  • Horror Story
  • Picture Perfect
  • "Damn" Mistakes
  • Image Problems
  • Backing the Board
In Massachusetts, even kindergartners study engineering.
Are hand-held computers small miracles or big distractions?
A "kiss-in," an art show, and other steps to support gay students.
The Academy of the Pacific Rim transports Eastern practices to Boston with impressive results. For some students, though, the high demands and strict discipline are just too foreign.
When journalists come sniffing around schools for a story, many administrators give them the cold shoulder.
A nonprofit group that sends storytellers into New Jersey schools is encouraging young kids, and their teachers, to speak their minds.
Deemed offensive by parents, a memoir by Maya Angelou was threatened with censorship. Then reason prevailed.
What was once a hit movie among progressives is now conservative fare.
Is homeschooling "natural"? Also: Combatting kids' boredom, and computers in the classroom.
A former teacher reveals the culture of ultra-competitive teens.
The music and mission of Woody Guthrie and a fish story. Also: Judy Moody's scams, a duck as Red Riding Hood, and more.