April 2001

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Vol. 12, Issue 07

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How about the education equivalent of the Federal Reserve?
  • Gatto Go!
  • Wrong Turn
  • Computer Wars
  • High-Tech at Home
More and more schools are cracking down on teachers who breach their contracts.
Many unsuspecting teachers are discovering that their retirement plans may not be as healthy as they once thought.
The theme for high school theater productons this spring appears to be "reprise" as millennial teachers are staging many of the same plays that were popular in the middle of the last century.
"Every single thing about high school is getting annoying," one high school senior laments. A national panel hopes it can cure this senioritis epidemic.
The Milken Foundation launches a program with a business edge to build the teachers of the future. Includes "Career Choices at Madison Camelview Elementary School," and "Principals At Work."
Breathtaking vistas, endless sunshine, and plenty of snowboarding—what's not to like in Antarctica? Only the waiting, according to one teacher who recently participated in a National Science Foundation excursion.
In a dusty Dominican village, Peace Corps volunteer David Smith is on a mission to undo the digital divide.
Responsible for educating kids who are battling cancer, Dennis Medford actually goes one step further—he offers comfort.
Every few days, Jim Markowitz packs up his pencils and moves to a strange town. But he's got his students with him, and, of course, there's the big purple guy.
While many would like to lock her students up and throw away the keys, Julie Campoverde is working hard to provide second chances.
Sharing the secrets of the white world of power with students.
A lesson from sailing: Put teachers at the helm of reform.
How a teacher got C kids to excel. Plus: Can all students learn?
One girl's dreams slip away behind boarding school doors.
Clueless and quirky, Stargirl shines. Also, the search for Fluffy, and more.