October 2000

This Issue
Vol. 12, Issue 02

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The flaws of high-stakes testing.
  • Day Off
  • Adios
  • Peanuts For Pay
  • Back At The Plate
  • Kudos
  • Down With Dewey
  • A Good Test
A new college caters to former homeschoolers.
Pricey San Francisco is building 500 affordable apartments for teachers.
Hot new movies and TV shows this fall are about educators.
Researchers have put the lives of more than 1,000 children under the microscope to identify early influences on learning.
A dot-com wants to pipe the best of the Internet into schools.
Educators go for glory at the "Iron Science Teacher" show.
Bill Wetzel plays Rachmaninoff on the piano, loves to read, and could easily be top of his class at a prestigious college. Instead, he's stirring up trouble with a crusade to put kids in charge of their learning.
Emporia, Kansas, a small city smack in the middle of nowhere, aspires to be the nation's teaching capital. And why not?
A typical 12-hour day at P.S. 5 in New York City might include breakfast and a visit to the dentist, a karate lesson in the afternoon, and an ESL class at night. And that's just for starters.
So-called ‘boutique’ schools are often derided as intellectually unchallenging. But one charter school teacher knows better.
Locker room talk in the Supreme Court.
A retired teacher pines for love lost in the classroom.
Boy problems, teachers as actors, and children and computers.
Miss Malarkey is back. Plus Queen of Attolia's palace intrigues, and more.
In Sarah Rowe's creative writing classes, students' thoughts leap off the page—and into sculpture.