August/September 2000

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Vol. 12, Issue 01

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Petty politics win, schools lose in Philadelphia.
  • Taking On Tuchman
  • Amen Corner
  • Acid Test
  • Bull Session
  • Defending Alfie
  • Tripped Up
  • Play To Learn
  • Stardust
  • Corrections
  • Submission Guidelines
A high school adapts to its starring role on reality TV.
The political gets personal on a class trip to Cuba.
On teaching, learning, and kids.
Historic schools are struggling to survive.
Educator Robert Torres discusses teaching, learning, and his documentary film about his Puerto Rican immigrant family.
Bidding wars break out as districts battle teacher poachers.
Half a joint put an end to Sherry Hearn's teaching days at a Georgia high school. The Supreme Court just put an end to her career.
A Baptist businessman antes up $55 million for a new Catholic school in Mormon Utah. Call it divine intervention.
Illegal aliens, college aid, and the green card blues in L.A.
A cop urges schools to fight against hate group Web sites.
Teachers working for Edison Schools Inc. get good pay and great benefits. But in San Francisco, they're saying, "Take this job and shove it."
As student, parent, and teacher, Susan Richards Shreve has learned how to roll with the punches while landing a few of her own.
Meet Alphonse Dattalo: baseball fanatic, tuna fish lover, and iron-man teacher. He taught his first class in 1972, and he hasn't missed a day yet.
Architect Roy Strickland aims to revive a dying city by turning decrepit buildings into standout schools.
Sex, tests, and parental roles.
A zany Henny-Penny tale and a dog named for a grocery store.
New works by Philip Pullman, Brock Cole, and more.