May/June 2000

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Vol. 11, Issue 08

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The real world may be the best classroom after all.
  • Eyes Wide Open?
  • A Dim View
  • Buried Alive
  • The Experts Speak
  • Time Is Money
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Teachers are leaving Catholic schools for better pay in public classrooms—but with heavy hearts.
Tough teachers resist students’ pleas for extra credit.
An ever-vigilant school district discovers that a well-funded team effort can keep kids from killing themselves.
Rich people compete in the donations-to-public-schools sweepstakes.
Devotees of new data about how a child’s mind works may be misinterpreting—and misusing—the research.
When the number of required high school credits goes up, so does the dropout rate.
A girls' softball team gets the field of its dreams after a gender-equity lawsuit.
A California teacher wins a ban on bilingual education.
Hoping to bridge the achievement gap between whites and minorities, two top-notch students encourage other kids to follow their example. Includes: "Bridging The Gap," an exploration of some of the theories researchers have developed to explain the achievement gap.
Schools that once scorned test-prep packages are opening their doors to for-profit companies that promise to raise scores.
William Sanders is a Southern gentleman who's good with numbers—so good that he just may corner the market on rating teachers.
Oakland voters ask the political gadfly once lampooned as Governor Moonbeam to save their schools. Includes "Run, Jerry, Run," a timeline of Jerry Brown's political career.
Parents get in the way of progressive reform. Plus: too much self-esteem isn't good.
In Jon Katz's Geeks, high school misfits get a classroom of their own.
Friends learn to be flexible, in Pumpkin Soup. A troubled girl grows up, in Elske.
A blue bay, basketball, dragonflies, and more.
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A million dollars. The U.S. population—273 million and counting. Carl Sagan's billions and billions of stars. Big numbers abound in modern life, yet who really comprehends the quantities they signify? Teresa Morrison's young students at Lila McAndrew Elementary School in Ainsworth, Nebraska, have a better idea than most, thanks to an innovative project the teacher launched four years ago.