February 2000

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Vol. 11, Issue 05

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Two recent surveys provide alarming evidence of widespread student cheating. Adults react to such polls by lamenting the moral decline of today's youth.

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A Wisconsin elementary school librarian who punished a 2nd grader by making him help in the library during recess for 17 days broke state child-labor laws, the Wisconsin Department of Workforce Development recently ruled. Annette Eismann, librarian at Maywood Elementary in Monona, intended the work to teach the student about responsibility after he returned library materials that were damaged beyond repair. State officials are drafting a rule change that will allow schools to assign students to work-related activities as punishment.
School libraries are on life support. Is help on the way?
A Colorado district says sayonara to Title I classroom assistants, claiming they don't make the grade.
A growing number of education schools are preparing teachers for the unique challenges of urban classrooms.
Lunchtime car accidents cause officials to rethink open-campus policies.
Thou shalt not display the Ten Commandments in school, courts say. But some districts do it anyway.
Though homeschooling is arguably one of the fastest growing phenomena in American education, it’s also one of the least studied.
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  • Postsecondary Blues
  • Self-Analysis
After years of battling, Cordia Booth may finally get to open the school of her dreams.
Once fired for failing too many kids, Adele Jones is back on the job.
Though research says rewards and punishments are just a quick fix, we can't seem to kick the habit of stickers, treats, and timeouts.
In the Rio Grande Valley, a new leader and a determined community of migrant workers save a school on the road to nowhere.
His buddies moved to the suburbs years ago, and his school's glory days are a hazy memory. But the coach won't quit on his dream to bring honor to his alma mater. Includes: "White Knight," about Arnie Kamen, one-man booster club for Roosevelt High.
How labeling a child as "bright" can be dangerous.
A teacher reflects on the comforts of one's mother tongue.
Scholar Wendy Kaminer finds a state of martial law in schools.
New York City takes on cheaters—and they're not kids.
Nicholas Lemann and the SAT meritocracy. Plus: A teacher hails education's power.
Author and education professor Maureen Stout on the failure of the feel-good curriculum.
The civil rights era through a 6-year-old's eyes. Aunt Sally's baby-sitting adventures.

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