January 2000

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Vol. 11, Issue 04

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Our schools need to do a better job teaching the three R's. And they are more likely to succeed if they give high priority to an additional three R's: rigor, relevance, and relationships.
  • Shocked
  • Keep It Positive
  • Campaign Blunder
  • Power Grab?
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Subs To Go

Kelly Services, the Troy, Michigan-based temporary staffing agency, recently announced it will provide substitute teachers to school districts through its 1,200 offices across the country. Though it's not the first private company to get into the business of supplying subs to schools, it is the first to do so on a national scale. The trend worries substitute teacher activists, who contend that it blunts efforts to improve working conditions for subs and raise their status.

Despite declining enrollments and pressure from state officials, rural districts fight the urge to merge.
Wired: Homeschooling parents get hooked on cyber school.
Teachers try out hand-held computers.
University of Oregon researchers test a schoolwide approach to discipline.
Hello Muddah. Hello Faddah. Here I am in . . . summer school?
Reason looks at curfews. Texas Monthly asks: What if George W. Bush were president?
Kids have the darndest ideas about how the world works. What's a teacher to do?
  • Winners And Losers
  • Expect More, Get More
  • Look-Alikes
  • Media Mania
  • Boy Trouble
A 150-year old girls' school rides a new wave of interest in single-sex education.
Paul Pflueger's critics claim he bullied students and demanded too much of them. But was he a good teacher?
A new chain of day-care centers offers a luxurious learning environment for kids. The sales pitch: It's the best education money can buy.
The Oregon Shakespeare Festival wants to liberate Shakespeare from the textbook and get kids to do what the Bard intended: perform. Includes "Acting Lessons."
Sixteen vacations promise thrills, adventure, and even a bit of learning.
Everyone's worried that the pool of talent in the classroom is getting low. But no one's fixing the leaks.
Massachusetts unveils a new policy aimed to show proper restraint.
When it comes to judging talent, certification tests shoot blanks.
Has there been a revolution in teaching? Three books answer the question.
All Souls, a new memoir, recounts white protests in Boston during integration.
A man passes on his gift , in Fiddlin' Sam. A teen stands accused of murder, in Monster.
An alchemist, a junkyard friendship, the birchbark house, and more.
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