November/December 1999

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Vol. 11, Issue 03

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An unending stream of bad news, critical media coverage, and demand for change has made the principal's office a stressful place.
  • Not Yet
  • No Respect
  • Northern Exposure
  • Mandate To Whine
    .... and more.

Unhappy Holidays

A new survey reveals what it will take for teachers to embrace computers.
Pay for performance gets a new look.
The creator of Harry Potter meets her fans.
  • Exodus
  • Stop The Madness
At many suburban schools, students pay for the privilege of parking--with cash and good grades.
  • Microphones for teachers
  • Narrowing The "Digital Divide"
An education score card for the presidential hopefuls.
After four years of struggle, a young inner-city teacher bids farewell to the classroom.
Patsy and Nadine Cordova win praise--and money for standing up for academic freedom.
Corporate media giants are backing new magazines that bring real-world news, pop culture, and commercialism to the classroom. Is it all too much, too soon for tender young minds? Includes: "New Kids on the Block," a breakdown of new titles for kids and "The Little Guy," about Topics, a magazine that brings real-world news to 40,000 middle and high school students in the Southeast.
Though the war brewing between classroom magazines is largely a clash of Manhattan media titans, a small North Carolina publication is girding for battle as well.
Teachers in Toledo, Ohio, are evaluated by those who know the classroom best--other teachers. It may sound ideal, but critics say it gives veterans a free ride.
Columbine teacher Kevin Tucker escaped the deadliest school shooting in U.S. history without a scratch. Or did he?
Two top thinkers, Ted Sizer and Denis Doyle, hook up via e-mail to ponder the past, present, and future for schools. Plus: "Ten Millennium Predictions."
The new superintendent loved God, America, and family--and the taste of stolen goods.
A wish list, courtesy of the AAUW.
Overwhelmed by the pressures of an inner-city school, a young teacher blames no one as much as herself.
Relentless reform threatens schools that already work.
The march of folly in the standards movement; the failed promise of the high school.
Edward Said's peculiar education at an American school in Cairo. From his book, Out Of Place.
A headstrong girl and the fall of imperial China; a monster who eats children's feet.
The blue avenger, a birthday pi├▒ata filled with dreams, a bear on a train, and more.
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