February 1993

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Vol. 04, Issue 05

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The substantial majority of parents who homeschool make the decision very consciously and deliberately for religious reasons; they seek to shelter their children from the secular and relativistic influences of government schools.
An unusual study that looked at schools “from the inside” has concluded that the policy remedies offered by most education reformers bear little relation to the problems identified by students, teachers, and parents.
It's the start of the school day, and a group of 3rd, 4th, and 5th graders is reciting its morning affirmation in unison: “This morning is the beginning of a new day,” they cry. “I know that at B.F. Day School there are some things no one can take from me—my self-respect and my awesome dignity.”
In the hills of southern Indiana, an area plagued by chronic unemployment, practical skills are much valued. Children learn early how to fish, raise farm animals, identify plants and flowers, and make their way through forests.