October 1991

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Vol. 03, Issue 02

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COMMON SENSE AND CONDOM SENSE seldom accompany each other these days. The mere mention of condom education is enough to raise moral, political, and religious issues guaranteed to get people emotionally charged up and vocal.
Jonathan Kozol is as much an activist as he is a writer. "I certainly write to change things,'' he says by telephone from his home in Byfield, Mass. "I'm not interested in simply adding to the literature. I want to change the schools.''

Kozol, 55, hopes his new book, Savage Inequalities: Children in America's Schools, will force people to reexamine the tax system by which public schools receive their funding, a method that Kozol believes has created enormous disparities between inner-city and suburban schools. "We now have two completely separate and unequal schooling systems,'' he writes.