March 1991

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Vol. 02, Issue 06

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ALTHOUGH THE SKIES ARE NOT cloudy all day, home on the range isn't always what it's cracked up to be, says Joan Baxter, a teacher in rural Richards, Texas (population: 1,000 and holding). "Richards,'' she explains, "isn't on the way to anywhere.''
THIS YEAR'S FIRST-DAY-OF-SCHOOL MOTIvational speeches weren't a total loss. Lisa and Perry caught up on their reading. Larry talked about his sabbatical. Doug told me about his trip to Europe. And a speaker let us know that no right-minded educator "tells'' or "informs'' anyone about anything-- he or she "shares.''
From anthropology to zoology, including bar mitzvah lessons.'' That's how Alan Simon describes the range of subject areas covered by his New York-based company, On Location Education.
A Matter Of Pride: A survey by the American Association of University Women Education Foundation has found that schools are a major contributor to the dramatic drop in selfesteem and aspirations that girls experience during adolescence. The foundation, which surveyed 3,000 students in grades 4-10, found that, although both boys and girls tend to lose self-esteem during adolescence, the decline among girls is more severe. The survey also found that teachers often inadvertently foster girls' lack of confidence in their academic abilities by sending cues that boys are more able than girls.
Apple For The Principal: Every principal in the Philadelphia public schools will receive a free Apple computer and training under a new program run jointly with Apple Computer and Drexel University. Under the program, called Project Launch PAD, Apple will give the district 280 Macintosh Plus computers with hard-disk drives, five Macintosh portable computers, and five portable modems. The university will assist in developing the software and will offer training.