April 1990

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Vol. 01, Issue 07

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They came from outer space, twelve and a half million of them. And this spring they're heading straight for nearly 150,000 classrooms all over the country.
"Why won't those first-year teachers ask for some help or take advice?'' Thanks to a chain of circumstances that began with the birth of my child, I learned the answer to that question. Let me explain.
Susan Scollon was dying to teach. She completed all the necessary course work in art education at Michigan State University in the spring of 1989. She and her fiance, a legislative assistant living in Washington, D.C., wanted to get married that summer and reside together in Washington, but she had to complete her student teaching in the fall. So, she thought, why not go ahead with the wedding and arrange to do her student teaching that fall in the nation's capital? That's where she would be job hunting anyway.