December 1989

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Vol. 01, Issue 03
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Washington--The Education Department, which recently rescinded an $825,000 grant to the Rev. Jesse L. Jackson's push-excel program, may reverse itself and award the money after all, according to a department official.
Our citizenry is scientifically illiterate. Ill-equipped to make the most important sorts of political decisions-those with a technical or scientific component-we debate such issues as nuclear reactors, pollution, and pesticides in an atmosphere of frenzied ignorance. It is an ignorance we cannot afford if we are to survive.
In unconventional times, conventional wisdom can be a dangerous thing. On the broad political canvas, of course, the 1980's and beyond can be interpreted as a return to the conventional: nationalism abroad, a reduced and perhaps balanced federal budget, and an increased reliance on the free market at home. Yet, for education, the times are decidedly unconventional.