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Education Week Teacher provides a variety of ways for teachers to respond to issues in education and engage colleagues in discussion. We consider teachers' voices to be a key part of our coverage of the profession, so we hope you will add your input and perspective. Features to build interactive professional community among teachers are provided with support from MetLife Foundation.

Member Profiles. Registered users can create a community member profile and display name on our site. Uploading a photo to your profile is highly recommended. Members' contributions to the site are collected on the profile page.

Comments. Once you have a display name, you can add comments to any story or blog post on the site. You can also recommend stories, and reply to other commenters and rank their posts.

Discussion Forums. In addition, community members can participate in our extensive discussion forums. We generally post new discussions on key teaching issues every week. To get answers to your questions or help with professional challenges, you can also create your own discussions by clicking on the "Start New Discussion" button in the appropriate forum category.

Online Events.To connect teachers with thought leaders in the field, Teacher hosts regular online chats and webinars. These events give readers a chance to interact directly with standout educators.

Book Club Discussions.The Education Week Teacher Book Club, meanwhile, is a lively, author-led online forum where teacher leaders gather to discuss new books on hot-button instructional and policy issues. You can sign up here for updates and a chance to win a free book.

Social Media. You can also connect with Teacher and its community members on Twitter and Facebook .

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